The Outsiders Assessment - This is what you need to do

UNIT 1: The Outsiders (Stereotypes and Conflict)
Students will be Assessed 4 times throughout the unit.

There will be 3 chapter tests.
In the first two assessments students will have to answer reading conprehension questions, vocabulary questions and answer a short essay question.
The third test consist of a group presentation where students comment and analyse a chapter.
Student will also submit a portfolio that will include all the work they have done for the unit.
Comments will be written on the cover page of each portfolio.
This portfolio will provide sufficent evidence to assess all criteria within the IB system. Pay close attention to the Wrters Forums for they will all be assessed under the IB criteria.

Week 43: Chapters 1-4 (Monday, October 24th)
Week 46: Chapters 6-8
Week 48: Chapters 9-10